Power Transmission

Inverell Bearing Centre stocks a high quality, competitive range of Industrial Power Transmission products. Our products include chain, sprockets, couplings, pulleys, belts and lots more. We have a vast range of stock products and if we don't stock exactly what you are looking for, we have the ability to source it for you.

Automotive Belts

Top Cog V-belts
Raw edge construction is combined with the Dayco patented cogged top design to ensure the top performance that today’s vehicles and drivers demand. The Dayco Top Cog® V-belt delivers more flexibility, and increases airflow around the belt, so it runs cooler and lasts longer than competitors' V-belts. Three plies of neoprene impregnated fabric resist heat, oil, and grease, and a specially formulated treatment of the polyester cord provides strength, stability, and reliability.

Gold Label V-belts
Top Cog Gold Label® V-belts – the gold standard of performance - are the industry leader in truck and heavy duty applications. Designed with greater absorbance to shock load that is prevalent in diesel engines, Gold Label® has a higher resistance to heat, oil, grease and contaminants than any other V-belt on the market.     

Industrial V-Belts

Carlisle V-Belts are known for their high quality and durability.

The Carlisle Industrial V-belt range includes their high quality wrapped constructions to their premier class, raw edge belting constructions.

They also produce specialty constructions, specifically designed for those harsher applications seen in agricultural, mining, quarry, timber and lawn & garden markets. So no matter whether you have a light duty fan or an aggressive rock crushing application, there is a Carlisle V-Belt for you.

The Carlisle range includes Carlisle Blue Label, Super II, Gold Ribbon® Cog-Belt®, Blue Label V-Belt, Power-Wedge® Cog-Belt®, Super Power-Wedge® V-Belt®, Blue Label Power-Wedge® V-Belt, XDV® V-Belt, Double Angle V-Belt, Super Vee-Band®, Gold Ribbon® Cog-Band®, Power-Wedge® Cog-Band®, Wedge-Band®, Aramax® Wedge-Band®, Variable Speed Cog-Belt®.

Belts Inverell, Industrial Belts Inverell

Pulleys and Bushes

Inverell Bearing Centre stock a range of pulleys and bushes catering for a multitude of sizes and configurations including Tapered bored, Mi-Lock and Aluminium. Quality, balance and finish are important in the provision to maximize drive efficiency and extended belt life. Inverell Bearing Centre's broad range of quality pulleys, applicable bushes and other locking devices provide the quality that complements the high performance of our belt brands and range.

Timing Belts

Carlisle Power Transmission and Megadyne are two leading manufacturers.


Conveyor Chain

We can supply both traditional Carbon Steel, Stainless steel with varying roller types and attachments.

The range covers Imperial and Metric pitch sizes in varying styles which include, Attachment Chain, Deep Link Chain, Hollow Pin Chain, Scraper / Flight Chain, Solid Pin chain, Combination Chain, Welded Steel Drag Chain, Sharp Top and Bush chain.

Flat Top Chain

Available in over 20 different material specifications to suit most applications, from standard low friction Acetyl to our Ultra Low friction TS material, which caters for high speed or dry running environments. Carbon steel and stainless chains also on hand for Bakery, Beverage and glass handling requirements.

Modular Belt

Constructed with modules molded from thermoplastic materials connected with solid plastic rods. The all-plastic design promotes long life and superior performance in many applications. In specific cases, stainless steel rods can be offered, providing high belt stiffness. Multiple widths are achieved by using a bricklayed pattern, which also provides high lateral and diagonal belt strength and stiffness.
Modular belts can be supplied in a number of material combinations, for straight running or radius conveyors and numerous accessories, such as flights, side guards, combs and tabs.
Transmission Chain
We stock an extensive range of Transmission Chain (BS & ANSI standard) to suit industrial and agricultural applications and can be selected in a multitude of quality options, depending on your requirements.


We have a range of sprockets for all sizes of chain.