IBC - A History of Bearing and Hydraulic supply in Inverell

10th Dec 2018

A snapshot of IBC history:

Fred Monckton’s Bearing Centre from Moree had opened a bearing business in Rivers Street, Inverell. In 1979, John and Muriel Resta along with the Campbells purchased the business and in June 1979 moved to new premises they built at 214 Byron Street, Inverell. Howard Jeffrey had been employed at Fred Monkton’s and moved with the business.

The building originally had two sections: Inverell Bearing Centre, and the other side housed a hairdressing business.

1983: Very quickly, they outgrew the “old shop” and took over the second section as they had extended the range to include more filters and bearings. IBC has always strongly supported stock on hand ready for the customer. If you ask more than once, they aim to stock it. An opportunity arose to include hydraulics hose supply into the business, so the building had to be extended out the back to accommodate the new stock and equipment. Around this time Howard Jeffrey purchased a share of the business.

They were the only bearing and hydraulic supplier in town, and Inverell Bearing Centre has looked after the needs of the Inverell community and northern New England ever since, providing quality Timken and Hydraulink products and parts and constantly adding new suppliers to the range as required.

2005: It was a case of right place, right timing. Inverell Bearing Centre was for sale and Dean and Wendy were looking for a business to buy. Two years of on-the-job training for Wendy and years of ag knowledge for Dean placed them in the perfect position to take on the business.

2007: 214 Byron Street was bursting at the seams. They extended the shop out the front over the existing carpark to supply the demand. Keeping good quality parts and consistently first-rate service from staff that are well trained and knowledgeable meant their client base just kept growing.

2016: Inverell Bearing Centre together with Inverell Pumps and Sprays relocated to a new purpose-built facility in Oliver Street. The new centre includes a dedicated hydraulic hose manufacturing area, a spacious showroom at the front, and larger warehouse facilities to house on-demand product lines for clients. The dedicated office and staff facilities has enabled the more efficient running of the business.

Today, Inverell Bearing Centre is working towards the future. Creating a space that gives room to grow, embracing cloud technology and growing connections to continue supply for local Inverell farmers, industry and businesses and the New England region.

A word from the owners: “It’s about knowledge of the product, having the product on hand and being reasonably priced. That’s the biggest thing. People come here for knowledge. We take nothing for granted, and always check to be sure that it’s the right measurement. Our knowledge is passed on to our staff, learnt on the job. You can’t learn it anywhere else.”

Inverell Bearing Centre are here for you. For all your bearing and hydraulic needs, trust the locals who know their stuff. Call in and see the team today.

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