Cool Mornings - Start Ya Bastard

08th May 2018

As it is starting to cool off Simon suggests using Start Ya Bastard for your petrol and diesel engines.

Good for cold starts, Help with your spark and Increases firing capacity.

Nulon "Start Ya Bastard" Instant Engine Starter (SYB) promotes easy starting of all diesel and petrol engines (both two-stroke and four-stroke). Nulon's SYB high potency, highly concentrated, highly flammable formulation is designed to instantly start difficult-to-start engines.

There is nothing more annoying than an engine that refuses to start. Nulon SYB should be kept on hand at all times in the glove box, in the workshop or in the home garage, the boat, or the tractor. One never knows when an engine will become stubborn and refuse, or be difficult to start. Nulon SYB will help preserve battery condition and it is totally harmless to engines. One short spray of Nulon is all that is necessary to start the most stubborn of engines.


  • Starts all engines easily
  • Easy to use
  • Conserves batteries
  • No mechanical knowledge necessary
  • Saves inconvenience
  • Avoids down-time of equipment
  • Makes life easier for frail people who use small engines in their garden etc.